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Kemco is one of the best

I've loved all the Kemco games so far! My only issue with this one is there are no town or dungeon maps, which is a little ridiculous.


Love this game already!

Old School Goodness

I really enjoy this game. The music is catchy, battles are addictive. Story is sorta generic but funny. Only negative is the translation. Not a good job at all. Very awkward sentences and some that make no sense. Still, I'm able to follow the story and character personality still comes through. If you are looking for a classic style Jrpg then look no farther!

AH1 review

Looking as good as ever, though need an easier way of earning ah points then buying pickaxes for 1500 gold each and using them on boulders, but then i am still in beginning. Hope you guys can port ah2 to ios soon, ill buy it lol.

Great game

Wish they give me free AHP, like the rest of the premium version of Asdivine Series. The game will be more challenging, but it's still worth the money.

3.5: A Solid RPG

Pros: -Lots of tactics to learn and use in combat (skills, magic, formations, trust...) -Decent graphics -Decent length -Good amount of content -Hidden things to find Cons: -Characters are not "unique" enough in combat. All light and dark magic functions the same for each character and attributes are too similar as well. Basically skills are the only thing that makes the characters play differently. -Frequent animal abuse -Bland characters and story

Love it!!!

Love the old fashioned rpg games!!! New games now a days just don't got the love n depths of old fashioned rpg games!!!

Good story.

I enjoyed the story and overall game play. Some of the monsters you hunt for side quests need a higher drop rate. It can becomes a real grind to complete those quests.

Fun indeed

Other than than the lack electricity power its a fun game!!

Impressive as always

This game is cool. Great story, good graphics and simple controls. Kemco has done it again. Very good title. Worth getting their games. Just be ready for a challenge and a long storyline.

Great Game

AsDivine is a really fun traditional RPG. The art is absolutely gorgeous and the music is great.nhighly recommended.

Asdivine Hearts

Asdivine Hearts is one of the few Kemco games I've played and replayed. Exe-Create is easily Kemco's stand out development team (not to take anything away from their other development teams - they all bring their own thing to the table, which is incredibly impressive at this point in the retroRPG market), pretty much consistantly making enjoyable titles, but this one stands out as one of their best, self-released or published by another company... Definitely recommended

Ahhh it's ok

Since I was asked to write a review in game I will. So far the game is ahh it's lacking storyline that is found in final fantasy 6 or 3.(same game) is it as good as lunar or suikoden. Not yet, I'm looking for something innovating and so far this is lacking. We will see if it gets any better.


As long as you don't expect a game that's going to redefine the genre you should enjoy the game. The combat is simple to control but does require some strategy. The story and characters won't blow you away but aren't bad by any means. All in all a solid game.

Fix the sound bug

There is a bug or something effecting the sound it turned mute all of sudeb at the middle of the game I tried to fix it from the option menu but everything is fine but still no sound

Very fun RPG

The game has fun characters, decent storyline and the battles are fair (normal mode) with a traditional yet refreshing battle style.

Loving the old school feel

It reminds me of great old school RPGs. Great job!!!

Love it

Wow this game is amazing

Love it

Love the game and its art style. Its challenging but still very fun

Great game

One of the better Kemco RPG's. 🙂


Love the game!

love it!

This is the retro RPG I've been wanting for ages. The controls are perfect and the world is simple enough to play on smaller screens without feeling that too much has been lost along the way. Love the character design, as well.

Good game

A some game but like other games of the RPGs gen.

Very enjoyable

Love these kinds of games.


This game is awesome keep up the good work maybe a lil dif Magic powers.


Love this game


Very cool RPGs

This game is huge :) :)

Already 40 hours into it and not even halfway. This game should be worth more than the actual price. Would of paid at least 19 for this.

Great rpg

Love it to pieces!

So much better

Normally these kemco games are entertaining only compared to each other, scratching an rpg 'itch'. This one manages to be excellent in its' own right, well polished and overall FUN!

Great game

It's really fun, bring me back to the final fantasy games (which I bet y'all hear that a lot.

Buy it

Great Game


I like this game. Best one that I have played on the iOS system. But I don't play much paid iOS games. Graphics are really good not to choppy for it being just a iOS game. Haven't gotten very far but I like it thus far. Game could use a bit more different races like many other RPGs. And it would be awesome if it would be open world travel instead of just to where you have to go to.

Worth your💰and⏳!

I've tried 200+📱RPG games and this is one of the few that I'll keep on my 📱. Intriguing story, great character personalities, good fighting, easy to navigate menus. Nothing in this games seems to have been overlooked in terms of quality!

Goof game

I like it so far it is at least keeping me intrigued.

Ok game but offensive at times

The gameplay is pretty fun and straightforward. I quit playing after a couple of hours when the there was an offensive and homophobic section that essentially called gays perverts and disgusting. Localization could have easily changed the offensive material into setting more appropriate.

Best rpg ever!

Love the dialogue between the character. Battle system is great and unique.

Love this game!

This game never crashes, it's very interesting, and you'll never get bored of this game! In short please download this great game, I'm sure you'll like it!

Loving the Nostalgia

Kemci has created a game that truly brings the definitive elements of an RPG to the mobile console. It's actually pretty cool that phones are a part of this category now. This game is truly shaping up to be a great mobile RPG. The battle mechanics are great, the music is good, the story is nicely paced, and the characters are well done. *Spoiler Alert* Kinda wish you could get the queen as a member of the party, but the high priestess will do. All in all, I'm thoroughly enjoying this game and will continue to look forward to the amazing RPGs from Kemco.

Amazing game

Really fun rpg with great characters and an interesting story. Kind of a mix between Agarest War and Golden Sun

Break to the future

It give a great since of battle of the ancients and how we have grown over the years

Good story

The games from this company are a little hit or miss. Usually I only finish the ones that keep my interest up until the review suggestion, I'll probably finish this one.

Awesome but feels cheesy.

Great game and storyline is adoring. The only downside is the open world feeling kinda small and not creative. I look forward to new releases!

Great Game

I don't rate many games on the App Store 5 stars because there aren't many that deserve 5. This one however is a great game deserving 5 stars, it's fun, it has a good story and like able characters. It's a long game so it keeps you entertained for a while and it doesn't cost very much. A must get

Surprisingly fantastic

Just an all around good rpg in the likes of final fantasy and other turn based games. The story is nothing groundbreaking but what do you expect from an ios game?

Great game so far!

I like that it's an old school RPG with straight forward story. Many games now a day are unnecessary complicated with 3D making the matter even worse. My complaint would only be the pad control should work during the conversation or in store as well,

Overall Great RPG!

Everything about this game feels polished, like a lot of work as been put in it. The story and characters keep the plot line fresh and enjoyable while staying relevant to the main story

Asdivine hearts

Great game also love the battle where the characters actually go to the enemy an hit them an would help if the actual game would b longer


This is actually the first time I liked a game from this series

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